The GSU rate is empirically documented and academically verified as the World’s Most Stable Unit. GSU token (the Global) is the first crypto that centers around the GSU rate and aims to provide practical access to this superior international price stability.
It is a fully market-based neutral representation of optimal stability, favoring nobody over the other. The values we strive to contribute are improved Stability and better Efficiency, in support of Equality and Prosperity for all.

The GSU is based on real underlying economic data for more than 80% of the world economy designed to serve everybody equally ensuring a level playing field. The current market is 99% dominated by simple USD-pegged coins, serving only the 5% of users living in the US with stability; here, the GSU is a better choice for the remaining 95% having other native currencies.
The system functions as a “monetary GPS” measuring weighted volatility between more than 1,000 bilateral relations, from which the point-in-the-middle between all existing currencies at any time is determined. This point represents the least overall volatility between all and is the point (rate) the GSU token centers around.

The GSU token is a fully market-based crypto. It is a “clean” token with no rights or obligations attached. It has no related functions such as voting rights, nor does it give the holder a redemption right toward the issuer or any third party. It is censorship-resistant and has no hidden built-in functions to block or confiscate your holdings.

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